We offer a wide range of solutions, extending from driver and vehicle performance to tracking, two-way messaging and navigation.
With a comprehensive range of system options, we offer all the functionality you need to create a more flexible and efficient communications and management system that will maximize the productivity of your fleet.
  You want to save money by ensuring
your vehicles are driven effectively ?
You want to measure your staff's time-keeping and attendance ?
Are your staff visiting the right customers as frequently as they should? Are they following the best routes or is there room for improvement ? You want to understand where your vehicles go,
You want to establish the current position or status of your vehicles whenever youneed to You need to be informed as soon as certain critical violations occur, forexample when your driver opens the cargo door at an unauthorized location ?

The solutions we offer are applicable across industries and market segments, including logistics, exploration, transport, etc. Based on a flexible and reprogrammable architecture, they apply equally to small and large fleets. While traditionally aimed at commercial vehicles, they are also used in wide range of vehicles and equipment, including passenger cars, light vehicles, busses, trucks and special vehicles and equipment (e.g. snow ploughs, materials handling, mining & construction).


  • "On 22nd March 2014, FMSI Oman receives TRA Approval/License for the provision of In Vehicle Monitoring Systems in the Sultanate of Oman"
    FMSI has establish a joint venture with EDGO in Iraq for the provision of Fleet Management Solutions. The operation has commenced on 1/1/2012. Through this strategic partnership, FMSI continues to expand its footprint to better serve its customers locally and regionally.
    Best Driver for the year 2011 FMSi Oman announced Mr. Hamood Mohd as 'Safest Driver of SNDC Year 2011', with a safe driving index of 99.70%. FMSi Oman awarded best driver Hamood with wonderful prize presented by, Ms. Abla Al Riyami PDO Gas Director , Mr.Fareed Bin Ali Al-Hinai Gas HSE Manager & Dr.Waseem Atiah FMSi Country Manager. FMSi unique initiative to improve driver and pedestrian safety on the roads of Oman has resulted in a significant reduction in speeding offences and improved driver behavior.
    Al Furat Petroleum Company (AFPC) has signed with FMSi (Syria) new administration and maintenance contract for its current fleet fitted with FMSi IVMS is around 400 vehicles.
    Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG awarded FMSi (Oman) IVMS contract for the provision 100 units Fleet Management IVMS.
    PDO awarded FMSI (Oman) contract C211670 for In-Vehicle Monitoring System Services for the provision of 750 units T9000 Communicator for all PDO fleet, project four years & FMSi Oman accomplished the installation of 785 Vehicles at all Oman interior locations within 45 days.
    National Drilling Company "NDC" signs a 3 year maintenance contract for it's current fleet installed with FM Locators benefiting from full fledge fleet management and passive tracking, over 230 vehicles have been installed to date.
    MTN (Mobile Telecom Network - Syria) has now been using VDO FM200 Plus for over 8 years. Due to the high reliability and successful results, FMSI has received new orders every year consecutively and signed an administration and maintenance contract for its current fleet which is around 200.
    FMSI signs partnership with NAVTEQ to offer the latest digital maps available for UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia.
    Due to increased awareness and growth in Fleet Management Systems in UAE, FMSi (UAE) is currently seeking to open a new sale and support office in Dubai to improve our market coverage and service offering in the United Arab Emirates.
    FMSi (Oman) & Muscat municipality successfully completed pilot project for solid waste management with real-time locations & Real-time alerts: out-of-route and off-hours, idling, speeding, mileage, fuel use, start and end time, progress against planned routes, Sensor activity (roll-off, PTO, etc) to assure seamless implementation. The health affairs directorate currently with new FMSi GPS system they will know how many bins were actually being picked up...currently discussion to implement FMSi solution for 46 garbage collection trucks.
    CATIRPILLAR signs with FMSI for the supply of 1,000 x FM 300 (Client Server Tracking and Management) to be supplied and installed on mobile generators for monitoring, management and maintenance.
    As part of our continued growth plans in the region. FMSi plans to soon open a sales and support office in Qatar due to increased client base and promising outlook in the Qatari market.
    FMSi UAE new contract with Al Wathba for Oil & Gas vehicles. After many years of follow up. FMSi (UAE) has been selected as the supplier for IVMS solutions with "Al Wathba" - a leading leasing fleet company in the UAE for the Oil and Gas.
    Hertz KZ has signed with FMSi (Oman) contract for the provision of additional 35 units IVMS/ FM Communicator in Almaty ,Astana, Aksai at Kazakhstan currently more than 75 vehicles are fitted with FMSi fleet management solution.
    FMSi (UAE) joint ventures with Mix Telematics for RTA mega Tender. As a strategic decision, FMSi UAE and its manufacturer Mix Telematics have joined forces to tender for RTA Heavy Vehicles Remote Monitoring Tender. We believe with our great experiences on both product and services, we have good chances in this upcoming business.
    Al Turki's Oil and Gas Division awarded FMSI IVMS contract for the provision of 500 units FM T9000 for Marmul Project & FMSi (Oman) accomplished the installation of 500 Vehicles at interior locations within 30 days.
    FMSi developing unique RFID solution for drivers, to replace the blue key soon.  As part of our ongoing Research & Development, FMSi will soon release unique RFID -based driver identification solution. This will enable companies to have more control over driver ID management and will lead to an enhanced performance.
    MB Petroleum Services awarded FMSI (Oman) IVMS contract for the provision of 250 units FM T9000 for MB fleet.
    FMSi (UAE) expands its support workshops in Mussafah. Due to increase in demand for IVMS, FMSi UAE is expanding its workshops in Mussafah - Abu Dhabi area, to be able to accommodate more vehicles for installation/support purposes, and a comfort lounge to the clients waiting for the work to finish on their vehicles
    Powertech Engineering LLC has signed with FMSi (Oman) contract for the provision of 125 units IVMS/ T9000 in interior locations at Oman.
    4PL DHL Excel /4PL Project/ Fourth Party Logistics services company providing services to several Oil companies in Oman including PDO offers complete supply chain logistics solutions using the latest technologies FM T9000 Comms GPRS downloads from FMSi (Oman).
    New Quality Control & Inspection officer hired. In continuation to improve quality at work and reach highest level of service, a new Quality Control & Inspection Officer has joined the team "Mr. Ameen Majzoub', whom primary responsibilities is to standardize technical works with most efficient available in the market, and to improve service levels offered to our clients
    Saud Bahwan Arabian Engineering Services LLC AES been appointed as FMSi (Oman) as authorized re-seller in Oman to assure the service facilities throughout Oman, fully equipped to handle all types of installation & maintenance for light& heavy vehicles.
    FMSi takes heat-preventive measures. As heat is already striking the country, FMSI is already on alert, to ensure safety of all its employees exposed to direct sun, by implementing strict safety measures such as: Cool & Rehydration drinks, Sunscreen, avoid excessive caffeinated beverages, caps, and limiting exposure hours. FMSi strongly believes and supports safety at work at all times.
    FMSi (UAE) contracts with Micco for its logistics fleet. FMSi (UAE) has signed a contract with MICCO to equip its fleet of logistics with an advance Fleet Management solution, that will enhance its fleet operation.

Our solutions are applicable across all industry and market Segments

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A crucial concept for analyzing Driver and vehicle performance

Driver Monitoring for Safety Management - HSE Management
 Driver Merit System


FMSI offers a wide variety of features and functionality, aiming to satisfy the requirements of various different companies and industries all over the world - not every feature would be applicable to you. Use this little "calculator" to establish your requirements and calculate your solution. FMSI offers a wide variety of features and functionality, aiming to satisfy the requirements of various different companies and industries all over the world - not every feature would be applicable to you. Use this little "calculator" to establish your requirements and calculate your solution.
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